Corporate Profile

For more than two decades, Capstone Alliance Group has been a leader in providing exceptional customer service and outstanding portfolio growth. Capstone’s founding partners launched the company with a view to provide clients with something different after leaving some of the world’s largest investment houses. They were frustrated by the larger firms’ approach to providing clients with mediocre strategies while piling ever growing fees on them.

Capstone Alliance Group was founded on the principal that there can be winning strategies in the short and long term market. Even complex dally trading strategies can be provided for a reasonable fee through economies of scale on the trading floor. This further boosts the client’s returns and portfolio when fee erosion is taken out of the equation.

A company is made up of its employees and its clients. Capstone Alliance Group is proud to say it has the industry’s longest retention of both. We are honored to be continually rated as an excellent employer by our staff. Our annual client “taking stock” survey shows that Capstone Alliance Group enjoys outstanding loyalty and tops customer satisfaction charts year after year.