Portfolio Managers

Clients count on Capstone Alliance Group Portfolio Managers to help them navigate through the complex world of investment choices. Many of the pitfalls in this realm can be avoided with the building of a proper strategy. Whether you goals are aggressive wealth building or capital retention, our Portfolio Managers can help you reach your goals with peace of mind.

Exceptional customer service is a product of the right individuals. Capstone Alliance Group has always strived to recruit and promote from within the very best individuals in their fields from portfolio managers to researchers to administrative staff. Typically recruitment is done as needed at leading universities worldwide. Candidates are extensively trained in house to ensure our philosophy of exceptional customer service is thoroughly embraced.

Capstone Alliance Group caters to a very sophisticated client base, many of which are financial professionals in their own right. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure our staff is fully trained in the latest trends and techniques, as well as the issues of the day. It is in this way we build confidence with our knowledgeable clients. This approach also provides excellent support to newer investors as we help them become investment experts themselves.