Specialized Investment Solutions

Average investment vehicles often create average returns. Taking advantage of sophisticated derivative products within a proven comprehensive strategy can result in exceptional returns. These returns can be achieved in bull or bear markets, as they can take advantage of market movements due to positive or negative market forces. This is why our portfolios continually outperform worldwide indices year after year.

Most investment houses will state they can provide any investment option to their clients if requested. Representatives not familiar with these investments can expose the client to an enormous amount of risk. Capstone Alliance Group specializes in complex strategies using derivative products to accurately and consistently reduce risk to the client.

As an example, a common technique utilized by Capstone Alliance Group Portfolio Managers is the use of put options to ‘backstop’ a targeted investment strategy. This stop loss approach can greatly reduce risk while allowing for major gains. This low risk high reward scenario is only possible with highly knowledgeable guidance from a firm that has the technological ability to execute this complex strategy. Capstone Alliance Group has the expertise and facilities to make this approach available to all our clients.