Investment Solutions

Capstone Alliance Group provides a wide selection of investment products and strategies to fit every level of investor and every portfolio goal. Our expert Portfolio Managers can guide you through the myriad of choices to establish clear cut and consistent advice to reach your goals.


The most common and popular investment is the equity investment. It can take the form of common or preferred shares in a publically traded company. Profit is generated from capital gains as the price rises, as well as dividends that can be paid out from time to time. Capstone Alliance Group has access to 60 international stock exchanges in over 33 countries.

Fixed Income

This category of investment products generates a set amount of cash flow over the life of the products. They include government, corporate and municipal bonds. Asset backed securities, commercial paper, and treasury bills are also options within this category. These products are considered very safe with moderate returns.

Mutual Funds

Either through our no load in-house funds or with third party funds, you can easily find the right one to suit your portfolio goals. These include commodity, industry, regional, eco, bond and index funds which track the performance of a selected market index. Exchange traded funds (ETF’s) can also provide a low cost access to a highly diversified portfolio.


Capstone Alliance Group specializes in utilizing derivative investments to create low risk high return portfolio strategies. These strategies include forward contracts, options or swaps on equity price, foreign exchange rate or interest rate fluctuations. When used correctly, these techniques can greatly leverage buying power while hedging risk.