Wealth Management

Fiduciary Trust Services

Capstone Alliance Group offers wealth management solutions to clients worldwide. High net worth individuals face complex estate planning challenges. Perhaps assets are in multiple countries or in a country that imposes high taxes. Or, if heirs live abroad, there may be the need to plan for tax and ownership issues in their country of residence. Working with you and your advisors, we can design and implement a trust or other fiduciary solutions to help you overcome these types of challenges and meet your financial objectives.

Tax Planning

Building wealth requires a careful look at the overall financial picture, particularly personal circumstances and the tax implications of investments. By constructing the right blend of investments in a portfolio, one can pay less tax and ensure that optimal returns are achieved. The first step towards designing an effective investment strategy is to know how much tax is paid in total, and the rate of tax paid on each type of income received. Capstone Alliance Group can recommend tax experts in every jurisdiction in the world to assess your tax situation for the purpose of building the ideal investment strategy.

Elite Portfolio Service

For our clients with significant investment assets, we offer an even higher level of personal service and assistance managing. Capstone Alliance Group has the discretionary services and personalized solutions available required to appropriately handle the needs of this level of client. If a client’s portfolio has grown too large, complex and/or time-consuming, we offer a discretionary wealth management relationship called Elite Portfolio Service. The client establishes the long term parameters of the portfolio, while delegating the hour by hour investment choices to a personal portfolio management team.